Cultura + Social


Cultura + Social (C+S) is a collective impact platform promoted and coordinated by Adonar that aims to achieve a more inclusive culture in the Valencian Community, which favors a more cohesive and resilient community. Learn more >

Butaca Oberta


Butaca Oberta is a program promoted by the Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) since 2016, under the strategic axis of Democratization and Access to Culture. Learn more >

Social Impact from Culture


The objective of the training cycle "Social Impact from Culture" was to strengthen the capacities of people and entities that work in the cultural field to generate strategies and projects aimed at social inclusion. Learn more >



Impresas is a project that seeks to make visible and channel the voice of women who are not traditionally heard, while generating a space for occupational development, support and the generation of ties and bonds based on trust. Learn more >

The City of Women


"The City of Women" had the objective of rethinking and giving new meaning to the city of Valencia from the reconstruction of the map of the city where each neighborhood was represented by the name of an important woman in local history. Learn more >

Valientes PhotOn


Valientes PhotOn is a social intervention project, aimed at young people in care or in the process of emancipation, which uses photojournalism as a tool for transformation. Learn more >



Soledad is a collaborative project of artistic creation and reflection that uses choreographic language and dance. The project proposed to integrate two groups: young people who have migrated without their companions, and older adults. Learn more >