Our work


We support artistic and cultural projects that aim to generate social impact.

Through an agile and participatory methodology, we provide support to artists and cultural agents so that they integrate a perspective of inclusion and diversity into their projects. Learn more >


We develop and strengthen the capacities of the cultural sector.

We carry out training for actors in the cultural sector aimed at providing tools for the design, implementation and evaluation of cultural projects with social impact. Learn more >


We design and implement solutions that build a more social culture.

We develop, make visible and manage innovative solutions that guarantee the cultural participation of minority or vulnerable groups. Learn more >


We co-design and evaluate initiatives with a social impact through culture.

We accompany the processes of design, systematization and evaluation of plans, programs and projects with a social impact through culture. Learn more >


Cultura + Social


Cultura + Social is a collective impact platform promoted and coordinated by the Adonar Association whose objective is to promote a more inclusive culture in the Valencian Community.


Let's generate a more social culture together.