We co-design and evaluate initiatives with a social impact through culture.

We know that many entities -public, private, social and cultural- develop projects, plans and programs whose purpose is to build a more inclusive, social and diverse culture.

However, there is little information that accounts for the relevance of these actions and the real transformations they produce. How much can they transform? To what extent do they generate a positive impact? How sustainable are they?

We are convinced that in order to generate substantial and sustainable changes over time, we must be able to analyze, measure and evaluate current experiences in order to not only value their results, but also extract lessons that enable us to define intervention strategies each time. increasingly effective and assertive.

For this reason, in addition to getting involved in processes of design, planning and implementation of cultural initiatives that seek to generate social impact, we develop systematizations and evaluations of results and impact, thus contributing to value transformative experiences as well as resources, efforts and capacities. deployed by them to generate a more social culture.

Are you designing or implementing a culture initiative with social impact?

We accompany the design, planning and implementation processes of cultural projects, programs and initiatives with social impact.

We develop systematizations and evaluations of results and impact of experiences, initiatives and programs aimed at building a more social, inclusive and diverse culture.