We accompany artistic and cultural projects that wish to generate a social impact.

We believe in culture as an effective tool for social transformation, capable of reducing existing inequalities.

We know that for this to be possible it is essential to connect the desire and will for transformation with a concrete and planned intention that is oriented towards social change. And this is not an easy task.

On many occasions, artists and cultural agents have the desire to generate social impact from culture, but not necessarily with the necessary tools and capacities to translate that will into social transformation; to connect directly with social entities or groups in a situation of risk or exclusion, or to operate and introduce the complexity of social problems within their initiatives.

We are convinced that working in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way, more innovative projects are achieved, with greater results and impact.

For this reason, from Adonar we make tools, knowledge and methodologies available to agents of culture that allow them to move from intention to transformative action.

Are you interested in developing an artistic or cultural initiative with a social impact?

We accompany the process of diagnosis, design and implementation of cultural initiatives with social impact.

We connect artists and cultural agents with social entities and minority groups or in vulnerable situations.

We provide tools for artists and cultural agents to incorporate an approach based on rights and diversity in their projects.

We evaluate and systematize artistic or cultural projects to understand the results and transformations achieved.