We design and implement solutions that build a more social culture.

Currently, the right to culture of all people is recognized by various institutional and regulatory frameworks, both internationally and nationally and regionally.

Despite the efforts of various actors in society and a favorable context for its political recognition, we must recognize that the right to culture is not adequately developed or guaranteed.

In this scenario, it is particularly important to develop concrete tools and solutions that allow the effective exercise of the cultural rights of all people. It is a matter of starting up the generation of innovations that make it possible to broaden access to culture as well as foster a greater degree of involvement, rapprochement and participation of the groups that are furthest away from it.

For this reason, at Adonar we work on the design, implementation and evaluation of solutions that contribute to guaranteeing cultural rights, promoting active participation - also from cultural creation and management - from a diversity and social inclusion approach.

Are you devising or developing a solution that contributes to guaranteeing the right to culture?