We are a non-profit association that emerged in 2018 with the objective of promoting a more inclusive and diverse culture in the Valencian Community. For this, we accompany and strengthen the cultural and artistic sector, providing concrete tools that allow the incorporation of a social perspective, in each of its initiatives and projects, from a rights and diversity approach.

We seek that culture and art adopt an active role in the systemic approach to challenges and social problems, thus contributing to improving the opportunities for cultural participation of people and groups that are minorities or in vulnerable situations.

To this end, we encourage encounter, dialogue and collaborative work between different actors and we build bridges between the cultural and social spheres as a fundamental condition for generating positive and sustainable transformations.

We believe in culture as an effective tool for social transformation, capable of reducing existing inequalities.

For this reason, we work together with the cultural sector in the design, implementation, evaluation and systematization of initiatives, projects and experiences that generate a positive impact.


Our approach

Understand reality to transform it

Our action is always preceded by a diagnosis and analysis of the reality on which we want to influence, as well as the actors involved in it.

Networking and collaborative work

The challenges we face require a collective effort. For this reason, we encourage collaboration between actors from the cultural and social sectors to jointly achieve more and better results and impact.

Accompany to generate impact

We multiply the capacity for social transformation of cultural and artistic initiatives by accompanying people and organizations that seek to generate a positive impact through culture.

Gender perspective

We analyze, accompany and develop initiatives that take into account and make visible the existing gender inequalities, promoting their deconstruction and transformation.

Technical quality

Rigor, professionalism and the criteria of efficiency and technical quality govern all the actions that we promote, from the design to the development and implementation of tools that allow their adequate monitoring and evaluation.


We are committed to multidisciplinary work teams, integrating the cultural and social spheres to favor the transfer of knowledge and enable innovative actions.




We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience and experience in the coordination, design, management and evaluation of initiatives in the social and cultural field.

Patricia Blanco

Executive Directorate

Law graduate with more than 10 years of experience in the social and cultural sector together with organizations such as the “La Caixa” Foundation and the Exit Foundation, among others. She is a specialist in social project management, community action and evaluation of social impact projects and programs.

Xochitl de León

Project Coordination

Cultural manager with more than 10 years of experience. She specialized in theatrical production and stage projects, with experience representing actors, both in Spain and abroad, and in generating alliances with public, private and social entities.

Melisa Wainberg


Sociologist by training, with more than 8 years of experience in the social sector, coordinating, systematizing and evaluating projects and programs of social impact based on participatory and collaborative methodologies, and from a gender and human rights perspective.

Jose Alonso

Methodological Advice

Social Consultant and specialized trainer in orientation and insertion methodologies; transversal competences, employability and tutorial action.

Christophe Charras


Extensive experience in the design, formulation, evaluation and systematization of social projects and international cooperation programs, as well as in the development of capacities of public and private actors.

Marc Pedrol


Extensive experience in developing brands from different sectors both nationally and internationally. Specialized in strategic planning, performance marketing and emerging technologies.

Tamara Montañana


Social Worker and Art Therapist. Specialist in family intervention and with minors at risk or in situations of social exclusion, artistic mediation and creative therapies. She has developed art therapy workshops with different groups.